• Services

    Each room at the Weidner House has its own style, a certain historical touch of the interiors doubled by the modern facilities we offer. You also get a great view to the Old Center of Sibiu.

    Leisure or business, we strive to provide all services required for a great trip. Briefly, we offer telephone, LCD TV in every room, cable TV, high speed internet, air conditioning, non smoking rooms, room service, mini bar, non stop reception, optional breakfast served in our restaurant or terrace.

    More specific, we take our traditional Romanian hospitality seriously and we strive to offer a complete set of services to make your staying in Sibiu special.  That means:

    We help you for free during the day

    • We wake you up at the hour of your choice and we call you a cab
    • Phone transfers
    • Messaging (e.g.: if someone has a message for you at the reception)
    • Mail delivery (in and out)

    Connecting you to Sibiu

    • Information regarding public transportation, weather and the city’s cultural agenda
    • Daily newspaper and magazines in the lobby
    Location on map
  • For busier days*

    • Telephone, fax, office work, copying documents, courier services
    • Booking at hotels in other places
    • Ironing machines
  • For successful events*

    • We offer a 40 places capacity conference hall
    • A 24 places reception room for private parties
    • Equipment necessary in both event rooms.

    * = paid services

  • Atmosphere and Surroundings

    Visiting the city you will easily notice why it was elected The Cultural European Capital of 2007. With an eight century old history the city culture is greatly influenced by the German and Hungarian communities, the two largest local minorities. Slovaks and Ukrainians are also rich in numbers adding up to the cultural bouquet of the city.

    Some of the most important tourist attractions in Sibiu are:

    The Brukenthal National Museum

    Getting close to its three centuries anniversary, the Brukenthal National Museum was open on the 25th of February 1817 and it is the first museum in Romania.

    It contains galleries of European, Romanian and Contemporary Art.  The Brukenthal Library counts for around 280.000 volumes. The complex also contains museums of History, Natural History, History of Pharmacy and Arms and Hunting Trophies.

    The Council Tower

    Built in the 13th century it was used as cereal deposit, fire observation point, temporary arrest point and even as a natural sciences museum in the 13th century.

    Its name comes from the fact that it used to protect the entrance of the old City Council. Today the building is seven stories high and it’s one of the most famous sites in Sibiu. If you have your camera with you, some great photos can be taken with the Old City.

    The Astra Village Museum

    Visiting the Astra Village Museum is an incredible journey in Romanian traditional universe. Imagine a 96 ha park that replicates the site and spirit of the Romanian traditional villages.

    You will to see houses of Romanian shepherds and fishermen, mills, churches as they used to be in different parts of the country. The Museum is located at 4 km outside Sibiu and is an invaluable piece of Romanian culture and identity.